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luxury fresh fruit basket

luxury fresh fruit basket

Types and nutritional benefits of Guavas

When it comes to healthy diet, it remains incomplete if one is not adding a fruit to it. Most of the basic health issues can be prevented by eating a fresh fruit every day.

In a luxury fresh fruit basket, one can always add some regular fruits and some seasonal fruits as well to make it a variety basket filled with goodness. One can add guavas to this basket during monsoons because it comes with a lot of medicinal properties and it can help in treating a lot of health issues like high blood pressure, diarrhoea and others. Guava is known as a super fruit because it has a lot of Vitamin C present in it with plenty of fibres. It also has a good amount of potassium. Guava contains 21 percent of Vitamin A which can help one to brighten up their skin and maintain the mucus membrane. It also has folate which is good for pregnant women. Guava also has potassium which can help one to regulate their high pressure.

There are different types of guavas available as well:

Pink and Red Varieties of Guavas

They are also known as the desert guavas because they taste really sweet and they mostly appear pink in colour. It is mostly available in the market and it has a smooth texture with very few seeds.

White and Yellow Coloured Guavas

This one appears to be acidic and it has almost no fragrance. The inside layer of this fruit is either yellow or white and the skin looks green when ripe. It can also turn pinkish sometimes.

Healthy Benefits of Guava

Guava Boost your Immunity

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and it can boost the immunity level of the body. Hence the body can easily fight any kind of common infection and pathogens. Also Vitamin C is very good for eye health.

Reduces Risk of Developing Cancer

This fruit has lycopene and other anti oxidants which can neutralise the infections in the body. As a result, it can prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the body as well. This fruit is known to prevent prostate cancer and can also prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

Prevents Diabetes

Guava has a high amount of fibre which can prevent the development of diabetes. It can regulate the blood sugar level from spiking and so it remains within the normal range.

 Guavas Help in keeping Heart healthy

It contains a high amount of sodium and potassium hence it can help the body to regulate and balance the high blood pressure. It is also very beneficial for people who are suffering from hypertension. Guavas can also help in reducing the cholesterol which is a major concern behind heart diseases. It increases the level of good cholesterol in a body and reduces bad cholesterol.

Helps in treating Constipation

This fruit has a good amount of dietary fibre and so it can improve the digestive health of an individual. It can reduce the symptoms of constipation.

Hence one can always add guavas to the luxury fresh fruit baskets.