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Jute Rugs

Let’s Understand How to Decorate with Jute Rugs

If people are looking for a way to add some natural beauty to their home, a jute rug could be just what they’ve been looking for. This type of carpet is made of dried plant fibers that come together to make a lovely, long-lasting carpet for any room in the house.

The jute carpet consists of fibers from the jute plant. This kind of fiber is known for being robust, so it’s used in all shapes and sizes of burlap cloth, ropes, and rugs. The jute rug is remarkably soft despite its capacity to endure years of use. It’s one of the plushest rugs made of natural fibers.

The main reason most individuals purchase jute rugs is because of the ability of the rugs to add an exotic look and organic feel to any room easily. They’ll like jute rugs if people enjoy basking in the glory of the earth and the great outdoors in general. And whether they have children or pets that like to lie down on the floor, they’re going to love to sit on this soft, thick rug while they play or watch TV.

When people buy a jute rug, they need to take action to keep it running in so it stays good for years to come. Luckily, jute rugs are pretty easy to take care of. People should clean their carpet periodically to prevent dirt from building up over time. If people find a stain on their jute rug, try removing it as soon as possible. They should start by blushing the stain with wet paper towels, making sure they don’t rub it because it can hurt the fibers and spread the stain even further.

How to Decorate with Jute Rugs

  • Go for High-Traffic Areas: If people are looking for the perfect rug for a high-traffic environment, such as a living room or a foyer, jute is a sturdy choice that can withstand regular wear and tear. But if they are the owner of a cat, proceed with caution. Jute is not able to absorb odors very well and is not ideal for damp conditions as it is a lightweight, natural fiber.
  • Layer Away: While jute rugs appear to represent a coastal design that is more relaxed, they are still versatile enough to fit a variety of types, from contemporary to traditional. One of the tasteful ways to bind them into a room is by layering it with another rug.
  • Try a patterned style: the natural shade of the jute is earthy brown, but more and more retailers are experimenting with colorful rugs in patterned patterns, including chevron and stripes. A patterned jute rug is an easy way to add a little texture and personality to a room particularly one with a neutral color palette.
  • Stick to Light Flooring Rooms: One drawback to jute rugs is that their fibers appear to shed. For this reason, it is better to use a jute rug in a space with light-colored flooring, where the shedding will be less visible. Using a rug pad will also help to decrease the amount of shedding.