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Best Eyewear to Pair with Your Halloween Costume

Every year there are always lots of Halloween parties and cutting a few holes in an old white sheet just doesn’t make the cut anymore.

The Perfect Costume Dilemma

So, you troll online for hours, and you finally find that perfect costume but then realize that your glasses do not match your outfit. Now you are stuck between that awful choice of ditching the specs and having a fuzzy night or embracing your dashing goggles and telling people that it adds “more character” to the original outfit.

But don’t fret! With our list of suggestions, you do not have to view your eyewear as a hassle! Glasses can actually make an amazing prop. They have a unique ability to bring an outfit to life. So many famous characters are distinguished by their glasses. So why not give these outfits a go?

Circular glasses:

You have so many options with this frame shape! One option would be to go with the good ol’ fashioned Harry Potter or Professor Trelawney.

(SmartBuy Collection Scout Asian Fit – £25)

Although, you could try something different this year, like Barb from Stranger things, Meg Griffin from family guy or Waldo!

Rectangular glasses:

We all love brainy-babe Velma from Scooby Doo. To master her look why not pair them with a baggy orange turtleneck, a pleated red skirt and knee-high socks and some red heels.

(SmartBuy Collection Chakaia – £25)

Alternatively, if you feel like being a bit of a bad ass, this Halloween why not dress up as Walter White from Breaking Bad or Red from OITNB?

Aviator and wayfarer glasses:

For the guys, you can rock the geeky vibe with Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Pair a printed shirt with some wacky suspenders, some jeans and smart shoes and some oversized aviators (Smart Buy Collection Faris) and you are good to go!

(SmartBuy Collection Christophe)

All you need to re-create Alex Vause from OITNB is a grey or orange overall and some bold aviators. We love her sexy “don’t mess with me” attitude and would even go as far to say that her eyewear make her more attractive.

Probably one of our all-time favourites is Clark Kent (Superman), we all know you cannot go wrong with a classic. You can create this super easy look by wearing a Superman t-shirt underneath a nice suit and don’t forget his iconic bold wayfarer!

Cat-eye glasses:

If you got the luscious red locks, then Skeeter from The Help would be a great costume. To create her look to grab your cat-eyes and a sleeveless floral dress and your all set!

Alternatively, you can crimp your hair out like Myrtle Snow from American Horror Story, or rock some dreadlocks like Cosima from Orphan Black.

(SmartBuy Collection Merijean – £25)

We all find choosing that perfect costume a struggle even without the extra challenge of trying to incorporate your eyewear. Hopefully, these fab ideas mean this year you do not have to fiddle around with crazy coloured contacts or sacrifice your sight for the night!